Tuesday 13 September 2016; God’s Blessing Of Allowing For Me To Call My Maternal Great Aunt & Maternal Great Cousin At El Paso, Texas 

I am now receiving financial aide from the Welfare ministry of British Columbia, yesterday, Tuesday 13 September 2016, I received a general welfare check from the Welfare office of British Columbia. Thus, I made a full payment to Wind Mobile and now, I  have full use of my cellphone, more importantly, unlimited phone service in Canada & America. I had excitement, when I called both my maternal Great Aunt & my maternal Great cousin, in El Paso, Texas. I noticed, the first phone call from my maternal Great Aunt, she was nervous for me, very concerned for my safety. My maternal Great Aunt has an old cellphone with bad reception, so, because of the disruption of the cellphone signals, I am able to communicate with my maternal Great Aunt for about half of one minute. My Maternal Great Cousin had her landline phone reception repaired but I noticed, too, most of the times, the landline reception, first starts to fail at El Paso, Texas. I also noticed, cellphone interuption, is more noticeable on my cellphone during I call my maternal Great cousin than my maternal Great Aunt’s cellphone. My disability check is currently on hold, until, I bring in the financial report of my current expenses, which is only, payments for my cellphone service. I am very thankful for God for this miracle God preformed, yesterday. Now I feel completely free, from the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores at the Aboriginal Shelter, especially the „Damien,“ because I can now have contact with the Aryan, via social media!