Monday 12 September 2016: My Lesson From „Ryan’s“ Social Media Question Of „If Anger Was A Shape, What Shape Would It Be“

„Ryan’s“ question was a lesson for me of sociology of the primitive thinking of the non mankind inferior degenerates. „Ryan“ is very intended in long term statements in order to convay the message „Ryan“ desires to communicate and detailed too. „Ryan“ communicated the „Enneagram“ as to develop his conversation of sociology. I discovered the Enneagram is incapable for the Aryan. I noticed „Ryan’s“ tweeter response from individuals. The non mankind inferior degenerates don’t think with actual science but with non sense structures. My anwer, I thought of God’s rage for several reasons; because „Ryan“ is one of the two prophets who has lived since Jesus lived on earth, so I knew „Ryan’s“ question was Biblically based. I then thought of the ink on a seismometer, because since, earthquakes are often events of God’s Wrath plus the destruction a very large earthquake may cause. The ink, itself appears chaotic, especially for a large earthquake. I am very  glad, „Ryan“ is communicating to me of sociology. There is something else of „Ryan“ of I am reminded about my mother’s concern for me. My mom often told me, with concern, one of a father’s responsibility is to properly teach his son about sex. My mom did told me, a mother’s responsibility is, to teach their daughters about sex. It wasn’t a silly question because I didn’t know about sex, neither was my mom was embarrassed but I asked my mom, how is it you don’t know if a man’s opinion about sex. My mom explained to me, men sense things very differently and my mom had to be a man to be qualified to answer the question. „Ryan“ of „Sleeping At Last“ taught me about sex, not physical sensations but what sexual desires I already had but didn’t understand how to visualize those sexual imagery inside a female with a dream God gave me too. Furthermore, because of „Sleeping At Last“ songs, I was able to recognize the emotional attachment for Katharina Schuttler was „romantic“ love. Culturally being in direct contact with non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodrite gay whores, for almost 4 months; I have learned about those non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores, too, know how to recognize other homosexuals by body language and non sexual conversations. For instance, last night, of a „homosexual“ couple, the „Damien“ fag whore become arouse about the sadomaschismo „homosexual“ scene, it was clear of the scene was about without any nudity. Because of the behaviorism of the non mankind inferior degenerate of constant homosexual body language, even being in a room is racially incapable; we do in fact become enraged for each others‘ behaviorism, the „Damien“ becomes visually nervous around me, and I very much dislike the constant homosexual body language of the „Damien“ for instance, why does the „Damien“ has to be physically touching himself as if the „Damien“ has items stuck on his facial hair nor things stuck to his arms, but I do noticed the self touching isn’t physically moved to move items, the „Damien“ is actually ruff touching himself for the homosexual insanity of sadomaschismo. For that, I do become very angered about, but what is more of distress is the fact, these non mankind inferior degenerate gay whores, psychological pleasure themselves by the typical the „Damien“self touching sadomaschismo plus hours of conversation, during the late evening by the sadomaschismo homosexual gay whore of the anti white racist Judin who has the timber man homosexual fetish, plus, the timber man homosexual fetish sadomaschismo involves me with the fag whores sadomaschismo by talking and as I awake, the sadomacho timber man anti white racist Judin is staring at me, while the timber man Judin hermphrodite gay whore is in conversation with an anti white racist mestizin hermphrodrite elderly man; I haven’t gotten to the worse part of the mass gay whoring inside the Aboriginal Shelter, the worse part, as was taught to me, by an anti white racist nigger man, was I am being unjustified being blamed for the true definition of illegal homosexual activities inside the Aboriginal Shelter, to purposely omit, the minimum sex offender criminal charges by these non mankind inferior degenerates. I purposely arrive late at the Aboriginal Shelter to avoid the visual gay whoring acts from the „Damien.“