Saturday 10 September 2016; Studies Of Cultural Sociology Studies By Photos

The public piano

The Telus Science Center
Food in bulk, similar to Costco foods, most food & drinks sold in grocery stores in Canada are larger in size, than is sold in America, plus the price is cheaper here.
This is the carrier of my cellphone „Wind Mobile“ unlimited service, including internet data for $67 per month
The Mexican Culture Isn’t Too Popular In Canada

Clouds formation as flower.
Today, I decided to take videos on my cellphone & pictures of my activities for today, I posted these videos & pictures of my social media accounts, intended for individuals on social media by whom communicate with but because of royal protocol, they aren’t allowed to communicateto me directly. I enjoyed Donald Trump Jr. Instagram video of a camp site at eastern Connecticut; the reason, I enjoyed the video, is, the videowas very informative for the weather & season at Connecticut. Here, the weather has changed from summer ephemeral of maximum temperatures in the 70ºF’s to now mid 60’s, minimum temperatures are now in the lower and mid 50’s. In addition of maximum temperatures being 10º cooler now, there is now fall foliage, here at Vancouver, BC. By contrast, the video of Connecticut showed, humid heavy rain with children in shorts & short t-shirts, plus the trees at Connecticut are still mostly green. Another, Instagram picture I enjoyed, for its scientific observations, was a picture taken by the American military at the east coast. The picture was taken at 7 pm Eastern time but the time here at Vancouver was 4 pm but because of the northern latitude of Vancouver, BC, the sun’s angle in the sky, appeared as if it was the same time here and the American East coast. I understood Tenth Avenue North’s Instagram posts because I was reminded of racial brotherhood among Aryan men, because we are very much similar. I enjoyed the sarcasm of Matthew West as he told a copy cat American version of the „Damien“ he was „chicken.“ Then Matthew West posted a video on Instagram. The video showed current American socioeconomic status of residents there. The individuals in Matthew West’s video were snobby & „welfarish“ clothing compared to Canadian clothing fashion, only Matthew West & his daughter were actually having fun & cheerful. I did, too, enjoyed the weather observations of Matthew West‘ s video, tropical clouds and the sky was less blue in color compared to the bright blue color of the sky here at Vancouver. I decided to post images of Canadian commercial on my social media accounts because now, I know both the American behavior culture & the culture of American advertisements has changed much within these months. Because the San Francisco bay area had a mininal population without much public advertisements during that time. I took a picture of the „Snowden“ Canadian commercial because I do know both the American movie of „Snowden“ and commercials are different at America. The actor who plays „Snowden“ doesn’t exist because it has been 10 years since the movie „50/50“ and how can the actor decrease the aging process instead of natural aging. It may be asked but they do know the anwer, of the reason I don’t talk on my social media posts; the reason is, I very much dislike for my voice to be censored but the images of the pictures of myself are censored, in a recent picture, taken at West End Community Center, the picture taken of myself, the picture was changed, so I look aged in the picture, plus my skin looks too dry. I have noticed in the recent picture, now that I am slowly aging, I am resembling more of my father Prince Charles & my Paternal Grandfather Prince Philip, I was surprised to see, the facial semblance of my Paternal Grandfather Prince Philip facial appearance naturally mean looking strength  (I have wondered of that and I asked my mom about Prince Philip.) My mom told me Prince Philip is strict but compassionate, that Prince Philip does have terms of endearment for Queen Elizabeth II. My mom told me Prince Philip does call Queen Elizabeth II „cabage“ though, my mom didn’t explain the reason of the nickname. Just a guess but the Castilian language word of cabage is both the food and the skull. I posted a newspaper’s advertisement of some Mexican food, although real Mexican is sacrificed pork. The  „Mexican“ food version is very different from that of America. For instance, (including Seattle) the „Mexican“cuisine, involves Pacific Northwest  fashioned seafood, vegetables; which isn’t common at other parts of America. In addition, „Mexican“ cuisine restaurants aren’t too numerous, here at Vancouver, similar to Seattle. The unnecessarily commercial advertising of „Mexican“ food printed in the newspaper & the Canadian affiliated McDonald’s of a non existing „Mexican“ burger, are the results of anti white racism, against the Nazi regime, in disguise of the Mexican independence day of the 15 or 16 of this month. This anti white racist favoritism of the Mexican independence day, is purposely made to insult as, the 4 of July American holiday wasn’t mentioned in Canadian advertisements. The former USA wasn’t independent from the United Kingdom but the 4 of July was still celebrated, the majority of individuals didn’t say „happy independence day“ but the proper greeting was „happy 4th of July.“ I visited English Bay beach neighborhood, yesterday, Saturday 10 September 2016; God willing, I may spend parts of my day at Denman Place Mall, tomorrow, Monday 12 September 2016, to get my haircut at the  $10 barbershop at Denman Place Mall.

Vancouver has funny signs!!! The black figure is similar to the „Damien“

The mall „International Village“ where the Cineplex movie theatre is located on Powell street

Advertisement of the Canadian version movie „Snowden“
Vancouver Community College
A public piano, anyone may play this piano

This is where I bank, it is a credit union, only charges $5 for membership. All the other banks charges for their banking services. Also, the bigger banks offers Canadian affiliated American based debit cards
„Keg Steakhouse“ very numerous at Vancouver

Another funny sign
Fall foliage
The Canadian affiliated Burger King restaurant
Denman Place Mall
The Dollar store

English Bay beach

English Bay beach, palm trees are dead

„You are here“ map of English Bay beach
The restaurant Cactus Club at English Bay beach
English Bay beach

My souvenirs from West End Fest

This is „Vancity“ a bank. The listings are Canadian credit cards
Indoor Ice Rink inside the West End Community Center
Vancouver Community Centers are similar to Seattle’s Neighborhood Centers, Which Offers government services
Coal Harbour Community Centre
Coal Harbour Community Centre
Coal Harbour Community Centre
Coal Harbour Community Centre
Coal Harbour Community Centre. My mom would had enjoyed to spend the summer heat of the days at this community centre.
Coal Harbour Community Centre
Advertisement for Cineplex movie theatres
Downtown Vancouver. Near Hastings & Main streets.
Mail drop off. The Canada post
Funny poster of a cat
Coal Harbour Community Centre

Bus stop of Translink
View of Rogers Arena

Central Pacific Station