My Plan For Tomorrow, Monday 12 September 2016; God If Wills It

Tomorrow morning, I plan to walk to EFry on E. Cordova, it is likely, I may arrive at Coastal Savings bank, near the time, of when Wind Mobile opens at 10 am, after my cellphone payment, at the nearby chairs at „Life Labs“ I plan to call my maternal Great Aunt first, since I haven’t spoken to my maternal Great Aunt, since July, nearly two months, now. What I miss about talking to my maternal Great Aunt, was a sense from my maternal Great Aunt, her own interest in the science of meteorology, plus my maternal Great Aunt does worry of the Pacific Northwest weather affecting me, if the weather becomes rainy & cold. Then I will call my maternal Great cousin, with my maternal Great cousin, I miss, the conversations of our „small talks“ such as planned activities of the day, plus phone calls for accomplished activities I made during the day, sharing of weather observations of El Paso and here at Vancouver but now what I miss, is to communicate to my maternal Great cousin, my desire to attend geography classes and perhaps to earn a master’s of arts in Geography. Then, after, my phone calls to Texas, I will walk to the nearby post office, for postage. Then the C23 bus to the neighborhood of Denman Place Mall for my haircut, perhaps, then a walk to a rental property professionals, to rent an apartment. This parts of the schedule, I haven’t yet decided, lunch & movie or pizza lunch next to Vancouver library. Then to London Drugs, the pictures for the Canadian Permanent Resident Card, envelopes, and other items I need to buy. Today, I have excitement to see, my Aryan Supremacist comrades social media post, since God, is now blessing many of his Children recently, from Lauren Daigle birthday to Greta’s new image of self motivation & Matthew West and whoever else made social media posts.