My Protest Against The Gossiping Of Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodite Gay Whoring 

The gossiping of the non mankind inferior degenerates gay whoring was massly spoken about by the music of Paul Banks, nothing of Paul Banks is based on the Aryan male sexual actions with an Aryan female. The Aryan male doesn’t masturbate as the non mankind inferior degenerates gay shores of the hermphrodrite males, as I have mentioned before the Aryan male penis is very sensitive because of the nuralogical receptors. The Aryan male simply grasps the corona gland while the highly description images of having his members in his Aryan dream woman. I do know the basic heterosexual physical sensations, Aryan males don’t experience any physical pain during heterosexual intercourse as was mentioned by the obsessed gay whores of the non mankind inferior degenerates of a non existent picture of Paul Banks; what an Aryan male does experience is strong pleasure that causes loss of breath. Therefore, perhaps, the typical Aryan male expression is of breathless pleasure. Now, I will explain the severe sensitivity of the Aryan man’s penis because of the homosexual non sense!!! An Aryan male has to be physically careful to how to place his member in his boxers, because even though the Aryan male penis has foreskin, an non proper placed penis will move to one’s leg, the bumbing movements isn’t physically painful but overly physically felt, similarly to very detailed physical touching which is too much to continue. Sitting down too, it is very uncomfortable because of the sensation of the scrotom being mashed by the penis & legs, for while a few seconds extends the flesh of the scrotom on both legs. I have noticed non mankind inferior degenerate male Hermphrodites are physically able to sleep in any position, although not the Aryan male. The side position of most comfortable because the Aryan male does experience much physical pressures of his reproductive organs on his body, while sleeping on his backside. Boxers are required for sleeping side position as a natural pillow for the Aryan male reproductive organs, nor can an Aryan male is physically comfortable of the natural squeezed of his reproductive organs, of the typical hermphrodite males non mankind inferior degenerates „legs to the chest“ because the physical sensation of the Aryan man’s reproductive organs to rest on his legs is physically uncomfortable. That is why I can’t use a public urinal, because the gay hermphrodrite non mankind inferior degenerates, will gossiped hysterically because the Aryan penis does have to be positioned in the middle of the boxer shorts. The dark blue German style shorts are very comfortable, as they feel as a strong supportive pillow, of the thick cloth of the short’s opening. Does one remember the paraphrase from the movie „Star Trek First Contact,“ „You are a perfect being created by the Great I am The God of perfect Nazism, finding your weakness is impossible!!!“ Because of the „Damien“ the Judin hermphrodite man gay rapist, the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodrite males don’t have to protect their hermphrodite „reproductive“ organs for two reasons; their reproductive organs are two small plus they don’t have natural nuralogical receptors around there, I noticed most non mankind inferior degenerates hermphrodite males prefer homosexual „pleasure“ as I have mentioned, I don’t comprehend homosexuality, therefore, the „homosexual“ pleasure is likely to be another form of the typical homosexual sadomaschismo of their insanity.