Friday 9 September 2016: Forecast For This Weekend & Week of Sunday 11 September 2016; From &

The remnants of hurricane Lester has totally transformed into a cold front system, due to the cold air over northern British Columbia with cold air suction from the central Alaskan airmass. The cold front is staying on a north of Vancouver, BC, not from, I read from a weather online report, of a high pressure weakening the storm as the cold front moves south. The possible measurable from the cold front, will be tomorrow morning Saturday, only around 30 per cent of measurable precipitation, for tomorrow morning. The forecast maximum temperature, for tomorrow is 70ºF, a few degrees warmer than today’s maximum temperature. A colder airmass will move over Canada & most locations on northern America on Tuesday. The forecast minimum temperature for Tuesday morning, is 48ºF, also during Tuesday morning, minimum temperature of near 43ºF at Victoria, BC & Abbotsford, BC. During the same ephemeral of 40’s minimum temperatures in southern British Columbia, Minnesota will share the same airmass during Tuesday morning; similarly minimum temperatures of 40’s around Minneapolis too. It was during my Chicagoland visit of January of 2016, I discovered the unique weather patterns of the more northerly latitudes of the Pacific Northwest & Ireland’s weather. The stormy weather of the Pacific Northwest & Ireland are exactly alive to where Chicago doesn’t have much stormy weather. Chicagoland did had a warm front passage, while I visited Chicago; even Chicagoland’s southerly winds aren’t strong compared to the stormy winds of the Pacific Northwest & Ireland plus, the warmth of the warm air advection didn’t even feel cool. During warm storm systems of winter season of both the Pacific Northwest & Ireland; the warm advection air does feel humid but also cold too. For me, what was strange about Chicago’s winter season weather, yes, it was cold when I arrived at Chicago but the cold of the Pacific Northwest feels colder plus the Chicago winter stereotype of always cold during the winters are completely wrong, at least for people like myself who are accostumed to cold winter season temperatures. Indeed upper 40’s at Chicago does feel warm; ironically such warm temperatures are NOT record warmth at Chicagoland during January of the coldest part of the winter season at Chicago. Nickname for Chicagoland winter season „sub Sahara wannabe artic tundra.“ I did remembered the London, UK weather because the Pacific Northwest weather wasn’t a shock to me & the specific stormy weather patterns of the Pacific Northwest felt very natural to a feeling of home.