Late Evening Of Thursday 8 September & Early Of Friday 9 September 2016: Mass Insanity Of The Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodite Fags

The fag insanity gossiping at the Bay area sort of copied itself at Vancouver, Canada. Except, this time, the non mankind inferior degenerate fags, became angered at their „partners.“ It was rumored, the „Damien“ Judin hermphrodite gay rapist had an episode of multiple personalities, during the night, of barophobia and no appetite. I saw a strange movie last night, which reminded me of the late Lopez Pedersen, the movie’s name is the „Ring.“ As with the young female, who was sent to a mental hospital before, she was murdered by her mother, so was Lopez Pedersen sons sent to a mental hospital because of the global gossiping against the Pedersen of the racial mestizin bitch, most likely, the late Lopez Pedersen verbally confronted many individuals of their gossiping of her for the reason, her two fag sons had a nervous breakdown for.