Wednesday 7 September 2016; I Was Finally Able To Translate „Sleeping At Last“ Song „Saturn“ Into The Castilian Language 

It has been over one month, since, I wanted to translate the lyrics of the song „Saturn“ Into the Castilian language, finally I „accomplished“ it🎄. I obtain knowledge of how use metaphors in the Castilian language, to give the lyrics in the Castilian language similar meaning to the English language meaning of the song; to interpret lyrics into another language, word by word transition makes the translation itself incapable to the language itself and the complete entire meaning of the song. I very much enjoyed the deep family love, specific to the Castilian language, I was reminded of the loving phrases of how my mom spoke to me, as the Castilian language translation of „I give anything to hear for you to say it one more time that the universe was made just to be made to be seen by my eyes.“ It is adverbs? Whatever the extra words are, is incapable to the Castilian language because basically, the lyrics will be repeating itself word by word for the entire song. So, in the Castilian language to give meaning to the same English language meaning is this, „sacrificio todo a escuchareis de vos en vida, que el universo fue creado simplemente como uno regalo a mis ojos.“ In English the direct interpretation is „I sacrifice everything to hearing of you again, in this life, that the universe was created simply as a gift for my eyes.“ When my mom was alive, my mom would tell me „you are my treasure“ and „you are my reward.“ So I am familiar of Castilian language terms of endearment because my mom taught me Castilian language. In the middle of the song of „Sarurn“ some lyrics of „I wish I can ask you again, so you can tell me again,“ In addition, the song is about the death of a loved one, so, in the Castilian language one can’t write a vague phrase of that because to match the rest of the song, it is needed to, in the Castilian language to be in accordance with the  song’s message,  of someone is longing to hear again, terms of endearment from an individual who has passed and is totally contradicting in the Castilian language nor is there any equivalent Castilian language metaphor. Therefore, those lyrics has to be omitted in the Castilian language translation. Plus, because the Castilian language has compacted words; there exists much meaning in Castilian language by just a few simple phrases. Here is the entire song in the Castilian language.

Vos ensenar me le corage de las estrellas antes fui te, como la luz continuareis par infinito ya despues el muerte, con falta de aire explicareis el infinito, que raro y beliosa sereis de la vida, despues yo intento escribireis mas jemais descrubrireis una pluma, sacrificio todo a escuchareis de vos en vida, que el universo fue creado simplemente como uno regalo a mis ojos.

After, I wrote the Castilian language translation of the song „Saturn“ the singer „Ryan“ reminded me of the response of my mom, by „Ryan’s“ tweet; my mom would had responded to me „congratulations, you made another accomplishment of translating an entire song into the Castilian language!!!“