Tuesday 6 September 2016; Mass Insanity Of Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates Hermphrodite Gay Whores

Today, there is much insanity of the non mankind inferior degenerates gay whores, it started with the „Damien“ the Judin hermphrodite gay rapist, this morning, for some insane reason of „Damien’s“ homosexuality, he likes to stare at me but the „Damien“ had some incident of change of multiple personality, after, I laughed at his grotesque dog face, to which, the fact of „Damien’s“ knowing of his grotesque dog face, triggered a change of „Damien’s“ personality. „Damien’s“ other personality said some non sense of which sandwich, the „Damien“ wanted for breakfast. So, now I know laughing at „Damien’s“ dog face causes a change in his personality, as if I was required to „tolerant“ the homosexuality of the „Damien,“ No! Canada is an absolute monarchy, it is my own choice if I want the „Damien“ to have a Sybil multiple personality episode. Then some female wannabe ISIS terrorist at the Canadian office because of her pro ISIS terrorists ideology wanted to restart the non sense of the Nuremberg trials again, but this time, I knew of the Nuremberg trials possibility lies of those two Sandnigger employees, because the racial stereotype of the sandnigger is correct! Sandniggers are bunch of pro ISIS terrorists! Then during the walk to Efry, an anti white racist chink spoke the Mestizin dialect, I responded to the anti white racist Chink gay whore female, „I don’t understand that junk!“ At Efy, Constance supervisor intends to uphold the illegal human rights violations of the non sense of an illegal requirement, which has no legal jurisdiction in Canada. So, now I have to plan to file a lawsuit against Efy & the  Welfare office of their human rights violations against me!