More Of The Truth Of Current Nazi Canada 

I have noticed my environment in Canada is similar to the movie „The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.“ The shelter I reside at are actually residential locations, the non mankind inferior degenerates has to pay financial rent, food too. I discovered the truth of the shelter rent & food by a statement from staff of „deference.“ They were correct of me being the fuhrer’s grandson, I am their high ranking Nazi official of gathering information about everyone around me, it is as if, my WordPress account is official Nazi government business. In the mornings, I enjoy seeing the VIA Pacific Central station in Vancouver because of the memories of my mom, there at Pacific Central station, I remembered my mom was very proud, when my mom saw the fence enclossement at the train station, my mom said „we ARE supremacists!“ The enclosement is my most memorous specific location at the train station because of my mom. Now the fence enclosement is covered up, so no one can see what is happening at the other side but I have a feeling of the covered up enclosement has something to do with the typical tricking of the non mankind inferior degenerates, of pretending to be friendly.