Monday 5 September 2016: Labour Day

Today is my first Labour Day as a Canadian resident, the first Canadian Dominion major holiday since Canada Day; July 1. My day was good, yesterday, I thought, today would be boring, since all library were to be closed. I planned my day, of walking to park to park, until, it was time to return to the shelter. This morning, I went to Carnegie Community Center, I found an electrical outlet to charge my cellphone battery, by God’s Grace, by the time, my cellphone become fully charged, I discovered, the Vancouver Carnegie branch library was openly today. Vancouver Central Branch was closed today. I remained at the Carnegie library, until after 12 pm. After 12 pm, I walked an hour to English Bay beach; English Bay beach reminds me much of Seattle and the times, my mom and I visited Alki beach & Golden Gardens. Whenever I see, the nearby apartments near English Bay beach, I am reminded about my mom and her enthusiasm to live at an apartment, walking distance to Alki beach. With excitement my mom, would described a day, if we were to live near Alki beach, walk to the beach for excersise, after breakfast. During warm ephemerals of summer, my mom told me, we can spend the entire day, near the beach, spend some time at the beach, then relax in a restaurant for lunch time (hours during the maximum of hearing of the day) then have a ice cream to cool down, then eat dinner at another restaurant, so our apartment will remain relatively cool, because cooking does make much of a difference to heat an apartment, especially the well made insolated apartments of the Pacific Northwest. Today, I had much enjoyment of observing the ocean conditions at English Bay beach, and the changing weather conditions. Because of a nearby storm, the ocean had irregular waves, and the waves were more tricky than normal. Then I walked around a neighborhood and I entered a Dollor store. It was a pleasure to see Thanksgiving greetings cards for Thanksgiving Day of the 10 of October, I became glad, numerous Thanksgiving day cards had Biblical verses and other Thanksgiving day cards mentions God in the card. Also, at the Dollar store, were Halloween merchandise; not as satanic as the Halloween merchandise of sale at Dollar Tree Store of the former USA. From what I witnessed at Dollar store at Vancouver, today, perhaps other stores too, but at Dollar store, the commercial exaggeration of the sale of Halloween candy was non existent. The only thing of a small roles of shelves with candy for sale, was intended for Halloween, was the Halloween candy was in the same aisles of the Halloween merchandise. Then an hour walk to the Aboriginal Shelter. I am proud of myself  (satisfaction of knowledge of anti white racist harassers of making them mad) to know how to respond to anti white racist harassers to me, in a metaphor; to turn back the table to them. Some anti white racist Judin gay whore hermphrodite of some homosexual fetish  1700’s wannabe fashion of a timber man, asked me questions of his insanity but I knew how to make the anti white racist Judin gay whore hermphrodite wannabe 1700’s wannabe timber man angry. I told the anti white racist Judin gay whore hermphrodite wannabe 1700’s timber man I am a „Nazi.“ It worked, the anti white racist Judin gay whore hermphrodite wannabe 1700’s wannabe timber man did become angered; a grand accomplishment, in my knowledge of knowing the outcome of the primitive thinking herd mentality of the non mankind inferior degenerates!!!