The Book „Immigrantion To Canada“

Basically, the book „Immigrantion To Canada,“ explains the impossiblity of immigrants entering Canada. The requirements of having many forms of ID’s seems to be legally contradicting, for an immigrant to live in Canada. Foreign passport; permanent resident visa, & Confirmation of Permanent Residence; before an individual is officially allowed entrance into Canada but legally „Confirmation of Permanent Residence“ can’t happen. One has to be physically in the jurisdiction to become a resident, the 30 days of residency, legality. I finally learned the legal definition of my royal birth at the United Kingdom, I am a „British Protected Person,“ I discovered the legality of „British Protected Person,“ by my Canadian Permanent Resident Card application of „Protected When Finished“ writing of the application. I read the definition of „British Protected Person“ it does mean British national but not citizenship, „British Protected Person“ has more rights than British citizen or subject. „British Protected Person“ is universal or global. It doesn’t matter where on earth I go. Also, I am learning of the absolute power of the Monarchy; whenever I state my birth nation of the United Kingdom & my mom’s birth nation of the Third German Reich, a royal power is exercised; similarly to an absolute authority of the movie „Gattaca“ concerning DNA sequence or „profile,“ the term used in the movie „Gattaca.“ Knowing the truth of Canada doesn’t have immigration, I am very fortunate to be a resident of Canada, especially of I was born in the United kingdom. Only emigrants from the Commonwealth & Europe are allowed to emigrate into Canada, anyone else has to be „sponsored.“ I very much enjoy the feel of Canada emigration laws of Aryans only, I have a sense of home; isolation from the rest of the world, which both my mom and I desired during when we lived at Seattle, WA. My mom did want to move back to Germany but my mom told me, we couldn’t afford to live at Germany. Now, that I know the facts of Canada’s law of only Aryan emigrants plus my future United Kingdom passport, if I were to visit America before their completely change to an Aryan only dominion, I do expect animosity  (hotel) staff, if I were to make a hotel reservation because of non American addresses, they do ask one’s nationality.