Sunday 4 September 2016: The Damien Judin Hermphrodite Gay Rapist Has At Last Two Personalities 

Yesterday, I witnessed two personalities of the Damien the Judin hermphrodite gay rapist, the Damien homosexual personality is very noticeable by homosexual „motions,“ which are very disgusting to see, plus the „motions“ does indicated the Damien Judin hermphrodrite gay rapist is indeed a gay whore practicer, in addition to the homosexual personality of Damien, Damien’s homosexual personality has some type of severe nervousness; Damien’s self scratching, he hits himself, some insanity of touching his face for distraction of nervousness, probably some barophobic, because, sometimes the Damien aimlessly wanders in the Aboriginal Shelter or it is noticeable he waits for something; being less nervous. The Damien does become angered at me, his homosexual personality, to which I tell the truth to Damien of his multiple personalities disorder, I did told Damien he has two personalities a gay whore and another personality of self protection of no noticeable reaction to anything, until the personality of self protection can no longer hold the stress to which the homosexual nervous personality is activated. The Damien is physically very ugly, to which his face is very funny. God cursed the Damien by giving Damien a very much dog face, dog shaped nose, the physique of the entire face is very much dog like and even a very angered dog! Damien even has dog like hair. For all the insanity of Damien; God Will again curse the Damien by completely having an hysterical „Sybil“ movement which will be very public and gossiped globally! The Damien has a immature behaviorism as is evident in child like shirts Damien wears and immature manner of sleeping, as if his parents frequently schold him of the beding, (an immature perfectionist.)