Monday 5 September 2016; My Mom’s Daughter’s Died By Birth Order

My mom’s first born daughter was Judy, Judy had a natural death in 2014. Sylvia Lopez was the second born daughter of my mom, Sylvia Lopez died in 2015, age 51 or 52. Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen was the last born daughter of my mom, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen died in the early year of 2016, aged 48. Judy was aged 53 when she died. Ironic of how Judy’s life, she almost died numerous times since, Judy was born and by age, Judy outlived her sisters. Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen has illnesses too throughout her life but Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen illnesses weren’t life threatening; only the car accident at Hollister, Elizabeth Lopez almost lost her life but of Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen being in better physical health than her two sisters, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen had the shortest life in years than her sisters, 48 aged. Sylvia Lopez was aged 51 when she died, second in number of living years. What I am very thankful for God; is the Noah miracle of me; God killed off my mom’s daughters and their descendants for several reasons (except Judy herself, before Judy died, she had dream she went to hell and she asked Jesus for salvation.) Everyone else, the two daughters of my mom’s and their descendants didn’t accept Christ as their savior, neither the Mulattin fag Sammy; before Sammy died, he did reach intellectual maturity to receive Christ as his savior. Judy’s descendants didn’t accept Christ either, in addition to the damnation from God upon Sylvia Lopez, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen and the descendants of Judy; they had contaminated blood which God did curse the descendants with physical defects as some sort of cancerous boils, Sylvia Lopez, the Avalos twins, the homosexuality insanity junk, drug usage and general insanity of Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen and her descendants and insanity of Sylvia Lopez and her descendants. I am very thankful for God, that He has ended all the „bad blood“ of my mom’s descendants, the song of Sleeping At Last „Watermark“ reminds me of the Noah of the Old Testament „all will start again in your memory,“ for me that lyrics reminds me of God’s racial cleansing and God’s Grace. God has chosen me to be the only physical heir from my mom and because of me, only my mom’s Aryan Supremacist cultural family teachings will continue to my children and the Aryan Supremacist teachings of my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun and my mom will continue with my children; God has killed of the racial evilness; and my mom’s family will continue only by me (her lineage.)