The Book „About Canada, Immigration“

I learned by reading the book, „About Canada, Immigration,“ Canada doesn’t have immigrants; compared to the former USA. I have wondered the reason of the low ratio of the Canadian population compared to the land area of Canada. Canada only allowed immigrants to live in Canada, if the immigrants had family, who are either Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, the term is „sponsor.“ The meaning is actually similar to petition the government to allow one’s family to move into Canada. I have witnessed the strictness of Canadian immigration since, I lived with my mom at Seattle. During my visits to Canada, while I lived with my mom at Seattle, I didn’t witness visitors from America in the Amtrak Cascade train, on the contrary, the train heading north bound into Canada had many Canadian residents, which Amtrak cascade staff had to announce, Amtrak Cascade policy about Canadian currency and general public usage of Amtrak Cascade train. Also, the flight from SFO to Vancouver, Canada, the majority of passengers had Canadian or UK passports. It is true, the majority of individuals in Vancouver’s population are Canadian born, which is a big difference from America. I have noticed, Canadians don’t have a collective stereotype of immigrants, the media omits this by stating the Canadian are „tolerant.“ It isn’t that Canadians are „tolerant,“ it is because of the absolute monarchy plus, Canada doesn’t have immigrants as defined by the former USA definition of „immigrants.“ Individuals born in the British Commonwealth may move into Canada such as former USA residents who moved to another American state, the process is very similar to change of residency between  Washington state & California. I read in a book, a reference to European born individuals can simply move into Canada such as individuals born in the British Commonwealth, but I want to research online about European born individuals having same rights to live in Canada as individuals born in the British Commonwealth. Now, that I know Canada doesn’t have immigrants; I am comprehending the severe insanity of the „Damien“ Judin hermphrodite gay rapist Canadian born. The „Damien“ has some sort of multiple personalities disorder, the „Damien“ isn’t „acting“ he was born near Russia, it is actually the multiple personalities of the „Damien.“ „Damien’s“ multiple personalities of the Russian born, is used by „Damien“ to ignore the facts, he is trapped in Canada because of the current Holocaust and this the reason of the invention of „Damien’s“ multiple personalities of the Russian born. Besides the severe homosexual obsession by „Damien“ of me, the reason „Damien“ imitates me and is fixated on his role of playing Katharina Schuttler, is another form of escapement of the „Damien“ to ignore the current Holocaust of the British North America, plus a form of non existing comfort by „Damien.“The „Damien“ multiple personalities of the Russian born individual, is well trained in ignoring everything of Canadian of himself; the „Damien“ was traumatized by his Canadian mannerism, so „Damien’s“ Russian born personality devolved a „shut down“ mannerism. The „Damien“ doesn’t communicate because, talking will bring the „Damien“ back into reality of current day holocaust and the fact of „Damien’s“ Canadian birth nation. The „Damien“ Russian personality hates the original self of „Damien“ because the „Damien“ Russian personality stated „no cookies,“ instead of proper communication. „Cookies“ is slang for homosexual behavior. Now I understand „Damien’s“ emotional „impass,“ the „Damien’s“ emotional impass are two personalities of the „Damien,“ perhaps, the real „Damien“ was a practicing homosexual of the Canadian born, the Russian born personality of „Damien“ doesn’t even want to acknowledge his homosexuality. I heard this „Damien“ spoke before:in the non Russian personality, the „Damien“ does know English language well. Plus, there are other factors which disproves the „Damien“ Russian born personality; I have witnessed, the immigrants brought here by the petition government program; they don’t completely isolate themselves as the „Damien“ does, immigrants in Canada don’t isolate themselves, they are talkative and has friends & acquaintances. It was openly discussed to me of the non immigration laws of Canada but medical staff spoke to me about it, to which I responded to my mother’s birth nation of the Third Reich, now I know the Aryan Supremacist immigration laws of Canada.