Sunday 4 September 2016: Vos Mestizin En Canada, Hableis Castillno?

Today, the mestizin at Vancouver, BC are severely angered for an unknown reason, in addition, today is one of those days of a large mestizin demographic of the Nazi „point of contact.“ The anti white racist severely hysterical insane mestizin, know well of the Castilian language of Spain; I do comprehend the Castilian language but for what sound reason would my knowledge of the Castilian language would aide me to comprehend the mestizin dialects of the Americas!? In reality, a scencere question of the formality of the Castilian language; how is it translated „vuestro silencio“ in the Mestizin dialect? Do you authentically understand the simple Castilian language question of „Hableis Castillno?“ Instead of assuming I automatically have knowledge of the Mestizin dialect because of my knowledge of the Castilian language is similarly if I assumed the mestizin understood those simple questions and the mestizin inability to „translate“ simple questions or phrases into the Mestizin dialect.