Saturday 3 September 2016; Two Earthquakes In America, Major Earthquake At Northern California & Widely Felt Midwest Earthquake’s Epicenter At Oklahoma 

I first learned the news of the damaging American Midwest earthquake, this morning, via the Fox News app. The „did you feel“ it reports on, has the most accurate reports of seismic events. According to the, shaking this morning at Kansas City was moderate, „green color“ similar seismic shaking during the 1989 earthquake, south of Hollister, CA. Damage of the Midwest earthquake is also likely at Dallas, TX and Galveston, TX. The morning Midwest earthquake seismic shaking was probably noticeable at Chicago, IL. Yesterday or early today, North California had a „major“ earthquake, the classification of „major“ earthquake is proven by „did you feel it“ report on of the earthquake was felt at the North San Francisco bay area, plus YouTube video of a tsunami concerns by the government because of the „major“ earthquake at California, near Eureka. Perhaps; Northern California is having foreshocks of the soon to be „big one“ on the Northern California San Andreas fault.