Facebook Live Stream By For King & Country On Tuesday 30 August 2016

Yesterday, ICANN, became very angered about human rights of freedom of speech and freedom to communicated regardless of frontiers. First, ICANN jammed most videos to be played on Facebook, for several minutes, then when ICANN unblocked Facebook videos, ICANN allowed played videos to be played again, automatically, plus when I played another video on another Facebook user account, both videos were playing at the same time. Before this ICANN stalking junk on Facebook yesterday, I have never witness two videos playing on Facebook on the same time; I believed Facebook didn’t had enough internet bandwidth to play two videos, because on Facebook, it is hard to play even one video, because of the low tech bandwidth of Facebook. Yesterday, at 5 pm; For King & Country had live stream on Facebook, and ICANN, was interrupting For King & Country live stream both on Facebook and on the official website of King & Country. About 5:03 pm, For King & Country made a stable signal on Facebook, which lasted for an hour. For King & Country live streaming video originated at Franklin, Tennessee, during the live stream of For King & Country; the Christian band played music, spoke about the movie „Priceless,“ and questions and answers from the audience. Yesterday the band For King & Country release their „Priceless“ book. Thank God for God answered another of my desire to watch a Christian concert in Tennessee via Facebook and much sooner than I expected it. The movie „Priceless“ is advertised on cinemaclock.com, here in Vancouver, Canada, but I am not sure whether the movie „Priceless“ will be released in movie theaters here but the movie „Priceless“ will be released in DVD.