The Organization Of Charity Water 

On Facebook, with the popularity of the movie „Priceless,“ Charity Water is popular too, and popular on Twitter. I like Charity Water because of the Aryan Supremacist Christian ministry. Charity Water accepts global donations, but Charity Water is strict with their help. Members of Charity Water, only interacts with the local population, to install plumbing for water usage, members of Charity Water instal surveillance devices in the plumbing to monitor the water usage. After the installation of the plumbing, staff from Charity Water, never return to the foreign site but local people, then become responsible for the care of the plumbing which Charity Water installed. That’s why I like the organization of Charity Water, they only interact with the non mankind inferior degenerates for Christian ministry but members of Charity Water are aware non mankind inferior degenerates are dangerous; thus the reason, of why Charity Water, leaves the responsibility of maintenance to the local people and the water usage is monitor, by technological devices.