The Movie „Priceless“

The movie „Priceless“ made by the Christian band For King & Country, will release their movie on Friday 14 October 2016. I have yet to get noticed of the same release date of October 14, for movie theaters in Canada. There was another movie, I sort of wanted to watch, I don’t remember the name of the movie, but the movie, is again, limited in release, as the movie „Midnight Special.“ I have seen enough „trailers“ of the movie „Priceless,“ to know, the movie „Priceless“ is an Aryan Supremacist movie. The theme of the movie „Priceless,“ is about „sex trade,“ in reality, all non mankind inferior degenerate sexual relations both „heterosexual“ relationships and homosexual relationship. It is truth, the non mankind inferior degenerates don’t have heterosexuality because of their hermphrodite biological nature. Many non mankind inferior degenerates has hermphrodrite genes of many non mankind inferior degenerate biological „females“ and „males“ are incapable to biologically reproduce. So, to explain „sex trade“ theme in the movie „Priceless“ to the non mankind inferior degenerates, is to explain to non mankind inferior degenerates inability to love each other plus, the non mankind inferior degenerates‘ sexual organs, aren’t really sexual organs, the non mankind inferior degenerates‘ sexual organs doesn’t sense anything or does it serve any biological purpose, they only exist to exist, nothing else! The non mankind inferior degenerates has their own non existing sexual love, to cope with their insanity and because of the non mankind inferior degenerates insanity caused by inferior DNA; the natural outcome of those non mankind inferior degenerate „sexual“ relationship is sex trade; the typical non mankind inferior degenerate prostitution with drug abuse with each other. I have heard jealous from numerous non mankind inferior degenerates about the popularity of the movie „Priceless.“ No! The movie „Priceless“ isn’t only advertised by the Christian band For King & Country but, also, Christian social media affiliations of the Christian band, For King & Country. On social media, the Christian band For King & Country has fan affiliations, not many of, For King & Country affiliations are into financial gains. The movie „Priceless“ is one of those unique movies, which is authentically popular! So is the movie „Snowden,“ is popular in the mass media in Canada. Facebook is very different in every British dominion, and Facebook & ICANN interferes with Facebook communications between Canada & America, it does make sense because of the non sense of ICANN plus Facebook; to guess; perhaps, everything on Facebook in America, is totally different from the Canadian Facebook.