Most Movies In Canada Are From America: Media Misuse Of Freedom Of The Press

The reason why Canada doesn’t have its own large movie industry is because Canada doesn’t have its own law of freedom of the press but freedom of speech and the rest of the Human Bill of rights article is used to bring information into Canada, even the corrupted non mankind inferior degenerate media, specifically, the American movie industry. Until, the non sense junk of the terrorist attack at Orlando, FL, the corrupted American media was still popular in Canada. Things here in Canada, is totally different after, the Orlando terrorist attack; there is a sense of total isolation from the rest of the world including other dominions of the British Commonwealth. This time, the isolation is caused by the media, the government most likely punished those media outlets, but now, I know, the media, itself protested against the government, by not broadcast any information to the public. The American media has purposely targeted the people in Canada, as a puppet of the media’s anger against the government. Now, all news from America isn’t the mainstream news media but by social media from individuals, business corporations as the American company of Sprite. Reddit is a good source of news from America, especially American cultural news. If one find good information Facebook accounts, one may discover much about current day America. I discovered, the Facebook account of Charity Water, I saw a Charity Water video of current day commercialism in America. The Charity Water organization is very popular in American culture, from American news reports of Charity Water, to public commercialism of Charity Water ads. Perhaps, the American public  feels totally isolated from Canadian culture, then I will write about what is happening in Canada. We are getting ready for the Canadian Thanksgiving day in October. Food is being prepared in Thanksgiving meal fashion. For instance, for lunch today, I ate roasted turkey soup with vegetables, except, the roasted turkey soup with vegetables taste much better in Canada than in America. The soup had crushed black pepper, and natural flavoring of the liquid soup and the turkey too. Today for dinner another sryle of Thanksgiving day meal. Sliced pork, similarly to sliced turkey for thanksgiving. Today’s dinner has red mashed potatoes with gravy. Both the red mashed potatoes had much flavor with a natural flavoring of butter & salt. The  old fashioned Butterball turkey in America, was premade by similar natural flavoring ingredients. One big difference of mas advertising in Canada compared to America, is mass advertising in Canada, is conducted by food not by posting advertising of „buy your thanksgiving meal here at our store.“ It is members of the public who encourages others, by good cooking to spread seasonal foods, such as thanksgiving food. Here in Canada, there was a short time of back to school media advertising, but the advertising wasn’t obsessived nor widely dominated in advertising ( y2k) yunk. In popular culture, what is really popular and highly enjoyed by the public in Canada, is the music of Sleeping At Last, how is it there in America? Is Sleeping At Last highly enjoyed by the public in America? For what I know of current day America, the mass popularity there of Charity Water is the same of the popularity of Sleeping At Last in Canada, among the people themselves, here in Canada, there is a sense of futuristic renewal because of the popularity of the music of Sleeping At Last, Paul Banks „Arise Awake.“ There are rumors Americans don’t like Canadian Nazi music of Sleeping At Last and Paul Banks. Now the gossipers have named Sleeping At Last, the stereotype of Canadian Nazi music. The predominant homosexual culture here in Canada has ended, thankfully, now, for most people, homosexuality is now totally ignored and is now being emotionally expressed as disgusting, when homosexuality is briefly discussed in public. About advertising itself; earlier this summer, advertising of the movie „Ghostbusters“ were popular on sides of busus, now what is popular in advertisement are banking institutions, cellphone companies, and furniture stores, fairs too, and commercials of enjoying outtings, because summer is ending. Christmas ornaments are somewhat popular considering, it is summer, the Christmas decorations, here started after Canada Day, the first of July.