Sunday 28 August 2016: Both Biological Female & Male Judin Hermphrodite Gay Whores Have Both Jealousy & Hatred Towards My White Skin

Those Judin hermphrodite gay whore are awful of their lies, it is taking them months, to finally, for them to noticed, their manipulation of the racism, isn’t working. For many factors, those insane manipulative Judin hermphrodite gay whores are making themselves and their race, a global image, of these Judin hermphrodite gay whore are incapable of reasoning by their minimal consciousness. If they would prefer, to avoid this primitive conscious behavior among the world, wouldn’t it make sense, these Judin hermphrodite gay whores would tell the truth, for example, the anti white racist Judin hermphrodrite gay whore of this morning at the Aboriginal Shelter; it would make better sense, he prefers to become a gay lover to that dog man Judin hermphrodite gay whore rapist!? The Judin hermphrodrite gay whore paedophile should had told me, he hated my white skin and the symbol of God’s protection because basically, the elderly paedophile anti white racist Judin hermphrodite man gay whore was stating those facts. I do see my skin color, my suntan is very light compared to the Judin hermphrodrite gay whores, my suntan is still the same color as the parts of my body which aren’t suntanned, the skin color of iridescent translucent of only Aryans have (ghost like skin color.) The Judin hermphrodrite gay whores‘ vein aren’t visable unless a Judin hermphrodite has a vein disease. I have perfect health but because my skin color is translucent, blood vessels are visable, especially my nose. The Judin hermphrodrite red color, of some of them has, appears very different from the appearance of red blood vessels which are visable because of my white translucent iridescent color skin.