Saturday 27 August 2016: Air Lines Research Between Vancouver, BC & El Paso, TX

Today, I researched online for air lines information between Vancouver & El Paso, TX. I often waited for the last minute to research travels, and to plan other modes of emergency transportation. Air Canada, doesn’t have a refund policy for cancellation due to acts of God. For instance, if I visited my mom’s aunt & my  mom’s cousin, and if the return flight to Vancouver is cancelled. I would had to make another flight reservation. Within a few days of notice, of a flight to Vancouver, to make a flight reservation, a minimum of $1000 CAN, is possible, for the flight. I researched Delta air lines, because Delta offers travel insurance of $72 American dollars; for, if a flight may be cancelled, an new flight may be reserved by the travelers insurance, by Delta air lines. It discovered, all major air ports in California are not functional, because California, is sort of, in the direction of the flight path of the air plane traveling between El Paso & Vancouver, but instead of a Delta transfer at any airport in California; other transfer air ports, located in Atlanta and other Midwest locations. If, I were to travel to El Paso; I have to save enough money for a possiblity, to book a flight from El Paso to SeaTac, then take the Amtrak cascades train, from Seattle to Vancouver, Canada. What was surprising about the entire destruction of California, by large earthquakes, was Greyhound has nothing of bus service between El Paso & Vancouver. Even the Amtrak train service between El Paso and Detroit, MI; has some strange unknown reason for why there isn’t any Amtrak train service between El Paso and Detroit, MI. I heard some non sense from the non mankind inferior degenerates, of the potential high cost of traveling between El Paso and Vancouver  (high cost is using over $2000 CAN to travel between El Paso and Vancouver, with the distance of both cities are over 1,400 miles. A  $2,000 flight is good price to travel between the American continent and Europe. In addition, to be practical,  Air Canada is the only reliable mode of transportation between El Paso and Vancouver; I have checked online, nothing else exists, except of a Southwest airlines flight from El Paso to SeaTac. A flight from El Paso to SeaTac, is a minimum of $500 Am. dollars plus the price of an Amtrak train ticket between Seattle and Vancouver.