Friday 26 August 2016: My Response To „Ryan’s“ Of „Sleeping At Last“ Newsletter 

The current time is 3:34 am, Saturday 27 August 2016; Vancouver is having another warm weather ephemeral. This week, the weather has been mostly sunny with light sea breeze, especially Thursday & Friday were very warm, maximum temperatures has in the upper 70ºF for Thursday & Friday. Because of the the warmth both Thursday & Friday, the temperature is uncomfortable to sleep, no air conditioning plus not such of a sea breeze to cool down dwelling location. In general, the weather has been warm and sunny for the ending half of August. For the week of the 28th of August, off & on rain is forecasted with maximum temperatures in the upper 60ºF. Lately, I am glad; I am able to communicate with Ryan of Sleeping At Last via social media, I enjoy the opportunities, of responding to Ryan’s social media questions, the answers to those questions reminds me of God and the Bible. Ryan posted a Facebook question of „Enneagram,“ I had entertaining memories of when, I did the „Enneagram“ online test. The „Enneagram“ questions were funny in which, most questions were irrelevant to discover one’s personality type but more to discover one’s type of business relationships to others and how, the economy effects the „Enneagram“ personality. After, I read one of Ryan’s email of the listing of 5 things Ryan is currently into or 5 favorite things, I followed the links, to where, I eventually, saw, modern tv shows on YouTube. Within this year, all media has changed, including both tv shows & movies. Most modern t.v. shows are symbolic of the current time of the Biblical tribulation and the current holocaust occuring in North America. The tv show „The Strain“ I heard an idolatry rumor of the statue of Liberty. In the newspaper of an advertisement of the tv shows „The Strain“ a picture of the statue of Liberty with some sort of zombie creature, leaving the mouth of the statue of Liberty. During the time of Obama’s presidency, commercials of a blind folded statue of Liberty was popular in the media, I asked my mom about her political beliefs, my mom told me, America isn’t the same anymore and America no longer has justice, my mom agreed with the mournful blind folded message of the symbolic statue of Liberty. What is kind of Ryan, is Ryan releases his music here in Canada before, Sleeping At Last music is released in America. I don’t know directly of the popularity of Sleeping At Last at America but because the Sleeping At Last music is first released in Canada before America, perhaps Sleeping At Last music is more popular in Canada because of the business negotiations of the release dates of Sleeping At Last music. I listen to Sleeping At Last music on YouTube, but YouTube isn’t an international company, YouTube as affiliates in dominions and nations, the YouTube in Canada is only a Canadian business but it is connected to the general YouTube global accounts. There was one thing, I was wrong about the media at Canada because of the massive boot legging of the media in America, music & motion media, I thought Canada would be similar to that of massive cross dominions boot legging of the media. I noticed on the internet and popular advertising, the media isn’t much commercialized in Canada, if one desired to watch a specific genre of music or motion media, one has to search for it. That is how, I found out of the movie „Birth of a Nation“ by newspaper, if I hadn’t read the newspaper, the other day, I wouldn’t learn of the movie „Birth of a Nation.“ I saw another movie commercial of a movie, I would like to watch, the movie is set to be released in later in the month of October, but I have forgotten the name of the movie, I think the movie is one of those symbolic tribulation zombie movies. Yesterday, I activated my Reddit account, I only had about one hour to search Reddit, what I have seen of Reddit, is Reddit can be utilized to post one’s blogs, communicate to other Reddit users, typed on the Reddit’s address heading of „r.“ Account users of Reddit may link their Reddit posts to other social media accounts, as Facebook, but it appears as if, on the other social media accounts, the users of Reddit are referred to „Redditers.“ Compared to the other social media accounts, it appears as if communication on Reddit is personally scencere, not much spam, general interest in communication of the Reddit poster and the Reddit replier. On social media, there are impostors stalkers of Ryan, so in, one of Ryan’s emails, I believed this „it seemed summer started a few days ago,“ wasn’t the real Ryan. I doubt the real Ryan would contradict his alias location of Chicago, IL, unless, Ryan moved near Seattle, WA.