Thursday 25 August 2016: The Geographic Location Of The Aboriginal Shelter At Vancouver, B.C. Encourage Me To Think About Traveling

The Aboriginal Shelter, is near the train station. The train’s station name is Pacific Central or the Central Station. The Central Station has Via Rail Canada, a train which travels between Vancouver and Toronto, Greyhound bus, and bus company lines in local British Columbia places. The first locations, I researched, was the „Canadian,“ the Via train which travels, between Vancouver and Toronto. The Via trains, has free Wi-Fi, so, I won’t become bored, without the connection of my phone to the internet, plus, with the Wind Mobile plan, I have, I don’t have to worry about, the phone call charges, to call the National Weather Service phone numbers in America and my mom’s aunt and my mom’s aunt in Texas, I can call them at any time, and I can share to them, my observations of the geographic locations, were the train travels, plus weather observations. I was estimating, when I may have a chance to visit my maternal Great Aunt and maternal Great cousin. It may be some time, because first, I have to buy myself, furniture for my apartment, plus, by the time, I am ready to travel to El Paso, it is likely, I may experience, the high air fare prices of the summer of 2017. Perhaps financially, for a vacation to visit my maternal Great Aunt my maternal Great cousin, in El Paso, it may be late summer of early autumn of 2017; around this date, next year. Before, my planed visit to El Paso, for around, this time next year, I want to attend college course, I sense, perhaps cooking classes at Langara may be better and more beneficial for me, than to take science courses at the community college. So perhaps two college quarters for me in early 2017 at Langara at the same time, I may be saving money to afford to visit El Paso and enough emergency money for the visit of El Paso,  Amtrak routes, money for local public transportation, and emergency money for the Via train routes. The emergency route to return to Vancouver would either be, the American Greyhound or Amtrak to Detroit, Michigan, then enter Canada and return home by the Via train, to Vancouver. I have formulated two emergency funds, in case, land travel to Canada, is necessary. Money with me in Canadian currency, is non emergency travels didn’t occurred, I will deposit the money into my account again, and extra saves money in my bank account, which I can withdrawal, in case of an emergency, without worrying of currency fares, into the Canadian dollar.