Thursday 25 August 2016: New Stay At The Aboriginal Shelter At Vancouver, B.C

So, far, the Aboriginal Shelter at Vancouver, is the best of the shelters, I had stayed at Vancouver, especially compared to the Russian Judin man hermphrodite gay rapist whoring, „his“ severe insanity junk. It was rumored one of the insane Judin hermphrodite Russian „man“ gay rapist, no longer want the „male“ hermphrodite organ, he cut it off. I knew, the Russian „man“ Judin hermphrodite gay rapist hated his „male“ organ because of how the Russian „man“ Judin hermphrodite gay rapist, wore his clothing, especially a cap, of the Russian „man“ wore as protection from solar radiation but yet the cap had black plastic wires, the solar radiation would be stronger because of the darker colours attracting more solar radiation than without the plastic dark colored cap. I noticed, by the severe insanity of the Judin hermphrodite gay whores, the Judin hermphrodite gay whores communicates constantly of their own homosexuality, with clothing and body language, they mainly don’t open up directly of their insanity or „flirting.“ Because, I have learned the very subliminal „flirting“ of the Russian „man“ Judin hermphrodite gay whore, the manner of the cap, symbolized „his“ very insecure existence of his biological „masculinity.“ The cap was actually a „wake up“ call for the medical profession, the cap, was an emotional „cry for help“ by the Judin hermphrodite Russian man gay rapist, to eventually, self mutilation of „his“ „male“ organ. In addition, the future desire of suicide, „his“ soul’s self deportation to hell, the Russian „man“ Judin hermphrodite gay whore rapist, knew, he was going to send „himself“ to hell, after „he“ killed himself. One difference of the non mankind inferior degenerates gay whores at the Aboriginal Shelter, is most of those non mankind inferior degenerates gay whores, only stay at the shelter, for a few hours.