God’s Message To Me Via The Movie „Inception“

The reason, these non mankind inferior degenerates are refusing my disability income, is to prolong my prison stay in Canada, their attempt, so I can’t return to the United Kingdom. The movie „Inception“ is very symbolic of my life. The possibility of I encountering Katharina Schuttler before, I discovered I love her, thus the possibility of a repeat of the  romantic disaster between my mom and my father Prince Charles. The insanity non sense games, I now, in, since, the 30 April 2016. I do know, my prison stay in Canada, will symbolically end, when I receive my United Kingdom passport. The process for me to receive my United Kingdom passport has started, by my future card of Permanent Canadian resident, which can be used, in the process in applying for my United Kingdom passport. My future permanent Canadian residency card will have written on it, my nationality „GBR“ and birth nation of the United Kingdom. Lower ranking agents can’t interfere with the application for Canadian permanent resident card, because written on the application by the Canadian government is this, „protected when filled.“ One of the first things, I will do, after I received the disability income check, is to pay my entire cell phone payment. My cell phone service is very necessary for communication for looking for apartments to rent. I will start to buy the items, I need to send my permanent Canadian residency application, by mail. Then items, I need such as a nail clipper, paid by myself haircut. After, I have my Canadian Permanent Resident Card, I will get the process of getting my United Kingdom passport at an immigration legal office near the Vancouver Library at „Canada Immigration“ lawyers. I will start the process to obtain my United Kingdom passport, after I am completely settled in at my apartment in Vancouver.