Modern Day Holocaust United Kingdom At North America 

The first month of the former USA returned to total United Kingdom jurisdiction, the non mankind inferior degenerates had heard mentality grossing of United Kingdom Nazi racial laws, as if racial laws were new in Europe. The racial laws were new, in what was the United States of America, but everyone knew, for many decades, the holocaust will eventually returned to the North American of the United Kingdom jurisdiction. Even, in the former USA, non mankind inferior degenerates, were given governmentals warning of self deportation or if they choose to remain in the North American of the United Kingdom jurisdiction, it was previously, planned during the semi independent times of the USA,  the USA government will completely return to the United kingdom jurisdiction. The government warned people in Canada, too.  Of the archetype of the Judin hermphrodite man gay (the 25 middle aged Russian Judin man hermphrodite gay whore rapist) suicides, it is insanely insulting, their suicides are blame on me, I do know both America and Canada has the racial laws of the Third German Reich, non mankind inferior degenerates are classified by the government as enemies of the state, the proper arguments from these pro gay protectees should be instead said „why those committed suicide gay men self didn’t depart both Canada & America?“ while they had the chance, instead of self deporting their souls from their physical body, for their souls to be sent to God’s final judgement of them of hell! Even the self deportation from the body, had a chance to be avoided by the individual, to obtain salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, however, those non mankind inferior degenerates, who committed suicide, the blame is on themselves of the committed suicide of forcing self deportation on their souls.