Psalm 1: 1, Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful: Monday 22 August 2016, I Was Discharged From Transitional Housing At Alexander Street Vancouver Canada 

At 5 pm, this evening, I was demanded to leave, the transitional housing building, at Alexander street. Because of myself to be discharged from the transitional housing building, God had confirmed the slight change of another assassination attempt at the transitional housing building, specifically, the mal practice of my medicines. The second night, of my stay at Alexander Street transitional housing building, an old anti white racist female Judin nurse staff refused to give me, my medications. Since then Friday 19 August 2016 until today, Monday, I haven’t been taking my medicines, I knew, the insanity non existing sociopath lies of the anti white racist non mankind inferior degenerates would be more of a problem, of which I refused to play into their argument, of their mal practice of my medicines. Today, Monday 22 August 2016, the Judin hermphrodite pro gays males and females nurses at Alexander street, discharged me, on their basis of their own non existing „human rights,“ against my swastika t shirt. While the anti white racist Judin hermphrodite nurses at Alexander street, was insisting on, I have to leave the Alexander Street transitional housing building, I wanted to discover a Biblical verse, to proved the herd mentality of the of the employees at the shelters here at Vancouver, weren’t Biblical based. Today, God shown me, the confirmation of, I shouldn’t change because of the herd mentality of the non mankind inferior degenerate employees at the shelters, in Vancouver. That was, where, I discovered the verse „blessed is the man that walketh not in counsel of the ungodly.“ Other statements, were discussed among the non mankind inferior degenerates, proofing, other facts, my marriage to Katharina Schuttler and the Judin „male“ female wannabe of the Judin gay rapist of the Haven shelter. God has shown me, other things to me; indeed, I am correct of all the anti white racist discrimination against me, the hatred against me, for my future wife of Katharina Schuttler but God reminded me, I am in a real war, the war to save the Aryan race, I am indeed, fighting, on the war’s front lines (the song „Mars“ by Sleeping At Last.) Includes the Biblical current time of the tribulation of the god loss upon the Christians. God wanted to become aware of the Biblical end times, my fuhrer status on front lines in, the war to save the Aryan race. For, tonight, I will spend another night without a bed, perhaps I will spend the night, near the water, at Canada place. Then tomorrow morning a walk to the Carnegie Outreach, breakfast at the free soup, place on Alexander street. I would rather feel physically safe, sleeping outside, than to have the non existing medicine junk, at the Alexander Street transitional housing building. So far, my knowledge of the insanity non existing junk, which lead to my discharge, is somewhat humorous, because their attempts were pointless against me. Something conversational of intention, seemed to appear strange for me, the eagerness of the anti white racist Judin hermphrodite gay whore of Keith. I discovered, to make a complaint to the managers, would take a length of time for procedure, Keith, intervene against, my attempted complaint to the management, but instead Keith has manipulated to situation into, where I wouldn’t trust any sort of response from the transitional housing building on Alexander Street.