Ironic Situation I Am Now In, Here In Vancouver, BC

The major situation, I have now, is temporary housing at a shelter. The situation I have, is, I only have two choices, to stay; either at the Satan worshipping shelter at Gospel Mission Shelter or a severely insane stalker, who resides at the Haven, a Russian Judin man rapist man of the emotional pluto skirt. I went today, to the Carnegie Outreach to ask for more shelters, for I, to become a resident; the worker at the Carnegie Outreach, a Judin female hermphrodite anti white racist, gave me the option of, to request a bed at the Beacon Shelter. I asked for a bed, at the Beacon Shelter, non, I walked passed the resident’s of the gay rapist of the Russian Judin man of the wannabe Pluto skirt, the gay rapist the Russian Judin man hermphrodite, told everyone the truth, by some sort of emotional breakdown of which I have Nick named, an emotional „impass.“ The Judin hermphrodrite gay rapist, emotionally caused „impass“ is caused by „his“ insane emotional attractions of me, because when, the Judin hermphrodite gay rapist, yelled „her“ insanity of the truth of his gay raping, the Judin hermphrodite gay rapist has a personality of an actor in the movie „Sweetland,“ the fiance of the German female actress. I don’t fear the Judin Russian gay rapist Russian „man“ because the Russian gay rapist „man“ hermphrodite,  doesn’t know the truth of his existence, in which, visually to cranial analyse doesn’t exist. He actually believed I am his liscened „psychriatrist.“ The Judin hermaphrodite Russian gay  rapist, yelled as a real „dog“ another personality. Except the Russian Judin hermphrodite gay rapist, interprets the facts of his self as „joke“ not the actual insanities of his physical existence and emotional existence. A few days, ago, the stalker of the Russian Judin hermphrodite gay rapist, yelled outside the library of „straight men always tease us.“ The facts of his conditions are consciously interpreted to be „jokes.“ This type of severe stalking happened to my mom, by her first husband if Elias Lopez, an unknown neighbor of my mom, the unknown neighbor had multiple personalities disorder, literally sang with an umbrella in Sacramento. My mom befriended a female church individual, who became known to my mom, my mom defriended the lesbian and it was known, the lesbian was possessed with demons, the lesbian did practiced witchcraft, that was the reason, she attended the church, my mother attended, to be healed. Here at Vancouver, the Judin hermphrodite Russian man  gay rapist, confessed of others‘ people teasing of him. Probably true because at the entire San Francisco bay area, and world, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen was globally gossiped as the mestizin racial bitch, which lead to the murder suicide of Lopez Pedersen entire family. The other event, of the Russian Judin man gay rapist emotional „impass“ is, the Judin hermphrodite Russian gay rapist, strong desire of literally the entire world knows of the Russian Judin man gay rapist, his severe insanity, a prime example of the degenerate inferiority existence of the typical non mankind inferior degenerate biological hermphrodite of the gay whores at the Haven shelter here in Vancouver, Canada.