My Dream Woman Katharina 

It is very funny, the saying the „dream woman“ or the woman of one’s dream. The prophet Ryan, made a prophetic song, of a prophetic dream, I dreamt of Katharina, literally, it was God, who shown me, the future with Katherine, our first sexual intercourse. In that dream, was where, I first felt love for Katherina, my member was in her body, but what I felt more of the emotions are Biblical based, the fulfilment of prophecy of man and woman of to become one flesh, the satisfaction of not being alone, my wife my friend and co adventurer. Katharina isn’t ashamed about sexuality and neither will I. You wish, will be granted, your song; the lyrics of „I want to hear your mighty.“ Before, we have sex with each other, I will masturbate in front of you, because of your desire to „hear your mighty.“ I will teach you, the specific motions of which are very pleasurable on my member. You are correct Katharina; during masturbation the foreskin isn’t pulled down. Other direct contacts are physically uncomfortable and ends the sexual desire to ejaculate. Everything feels different with romantic love sex drives, now, I do get sexually satisfied, after an ejaculation, I no longer feel, a worthless satisfaction, now, what I be deeply desire is the entire sexual intercourse of God’s promise to be fulfilled of you and me. I have learned God’s role in my parents house to leave for a female. In the Aryan culture, the male lives with his family until he marries his wife. With my situation, God has adopted me of a biological father figure. I understand the meaning of my mom’s last verse reading to me, before my mom past. The priestly prayer, Biblically based changed in biological authority. My mom gave me the spiritual role of herself of God to me, also Biblically based, is the absence of my biological father of being „supported.“ That means God has the role of my biological father but I am not biological father less, it is just the technically of God’s own ways. I wish to continue God’s support of His role of the biological caring until, I leave to be married with Katherina. I have noticed a complete repair of myself to be fulfilled by the marriage of Katharina, my soul will be complete, my heart will end its grief and to be repaired by Katherina’s heart. The final destination of my seed will have its way in Katherina, I will no longer be alone, I will have a companion to literally share my life with. It is known musicians make their songs from other lyrics, so I will write Katharina Schuttler a song. Your fragile heart has given me such strength. The heart is dead until I am with you. You will restart my life and you are worth the wait. God will disclose the time for me to be with you. To be with you I must escape the depths of innermost parts of black whole, to project myself through an impassible universe. For God will give me the power to maneuver through the impossible