Monday 22 August 2016: Good Morning Katharina, I Asked God To Show Me The Lesson He Prepared For Me Of The Transgender Judin Russian Hermphrodite Wannabe Gay Rapist 

It turned out to be, the question was much more difficult than the anwer. God wanted me to know the the precondition, if I stayed at the United Kingdom in 2009. God wanted me to first discover love for Katharina Schuttler, than for me to first become friends with Katharina Schuttler at the United Kingdom. God made me realize, my fights to obtain Katharina Schuttler started when I arrived in Canada. It has been more than 3 months of the battles against me for Katharina Schuttler, now, I am very emotionally tired, and physically tired of the 3 months of battles, I asked God if He may grant me a resting day, for this day. God has shown me the prison, they have placed me in, the prison I am in, only for Katharina Schuttler to eventually become my wife, I will gladly fight for you Katharina Schuttler because GOD has granted me the reward of yourself, your life, and your love. I didn’t know until very early today but now I understand the fight question I asked the Judin man hermphrodite gay whoring Chris at the Cambie shelter, I asked the Judin hermphrodrite gay whore „fight for what?“ Chris‘ response is „fight for your future wife!“ The regret I have of you are totally out of my controls, I do gladly accept my prison term for Katharina Schuttler but my mom warned me by Ryan’s song of the Twilight married song. My mom looked at me sadly and told me „never have any sort of separations from your wife.“ I have the severe pain, I couldn’t had prevented the separation I have with Katharine Schuttler, furthermore Katharina Schuttler, what is very troubling is neither of us has sined, but it does feel as a punishment of sin. Remember Katharine Schuttler, I am in great mourning for the inescapable prison I am placed in but I do know God  has caused my prison to prove to us; He wants us to know our love will be perfect, we don’t have to worry about the mistakes of our ancestors.