Saturday Evening 20 August 2016: Symbolic Dream Of The Judin Russian Gay Whoring Wannabe Gay Rapist 

Yesterday, I slept early because during the previous days, I couldn’t sleep much. I had a symbolic dream, of objects and locations, while I dreamt the objects and the locations, the emotions were the primer, giving meaning of the dream. First, I  dreamt of the objects of train cars, during while I had the emotions of homosexual homeless travelers, then the geographical location of Deep Cove, during while the emotions of homeless homosexuals, emotions of myself being tricked to Deep Cove beach, being stranded at Deep Cove. I was nervous, the nervousness I feel isn’t typical of the non mankind inferior degenerates, I don’t have panic attacks nor the escape behavior of the Barophobic non mankind inferior degenerates. For me, nervous feel actual but I don’t feel as to be hurt in any matter, for example the nervousness I felt in the dream, I felt it in the past, not relevant to present time nor did the nervousness felt panicky. To give another example of how I feel nervousness, my nervous is based on reality, if one becomes hungry one stomach may feel the natural acids, my nervousness is based on physical rather than emotions, after, the dream, my heart was rapidly beating as if, I literally ran in my dream, I sweat as if, I sensed the hot temperatures at Deep Cove, I felt angered, disappointment but were minimal compared to the physical reactions, this is how I feel and sense nervousness. It was a little strange about one second, I awoke, the mass gossiping rumors started about attempted gay rapist, then I realized the reality of the stalking of me by the Judin hermphrodite gay whore wannabe gay raping of the Russian man. The Judin Russian homeless man with no member of his own.