Saturday 20 August 2016: Sadomaschismo Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates

Yesterday was a day of complete disclosure of the entirely of the non mankind inferior degenerate fag. It was spoken in the morning by two Judin male hermphrodite gay „partners,“ homosexuality has nothing to do with love, nor physical attraction, the homosexual behavior is some sadomaschismo  of physical violation of their homosexual gay  bodies. The non mankind inferior degenerates fag whores have now used me as their „sadomaschismo“ idolatry symbol, the non mankind inferior degenerates fag gay whores now has a collective strong pleasure of pain of me a sort of the highest „sex“ symbol for the non mankind inferior degenerates, except homosexuality has nothing to do with sex, but sadomaschismo, simply the emotional state of to obtain pleasure from pain. A lot of non mankind inferior degenerates hermphrodite gay whore men, were literally crying of the because of their own state of mind of their sadomaschismo of me, it was stated their attraction of me only based on their sadomaschismo emotional reality is similar to a very addictive drug, the non mankind inferior degenerate gay whoring men reaction of this drug of their emotional sadomaschismo is further heighten by their insane reality of which, they can pursue me, was further dismissed by the fact, I have discovered I am in love with Katherine Schuttler. To further explain the insanity of homosexuality  based only on sadomaschismo not on sexual desire of the physical, the reason, these non mankind inferior degenerates has their „homosexual“ pleasure of sadomaschismo for some unknown reason, the non mankind inferior degenerates are more „sexually“ attracted to „real men“ the Aryan man but how is that possible, by sadomaschismo of homosexual isn’t sexually based but only based on the homosexual emotions.