My Desire For Katharina Schuttler 

Friday night for my sleeping for the entire night, I dreamt of Sleeping At Last music, at a few seconds of a message from God, of God’s almighty power of authority of the „United Kingdom“ only the words „United Kingdom“ was spoken to me from God, but God’s meaning was very authentic, God meant to me, „you will be King of the United Kingdom.“ About a little, some time, after I dreamt of the statement of „United Kingdom,“ I dream of my first sexual intercourse with Katherina Schuttler, in my dream, my member, were my „eyes,“ which are symbolic of the of the Bible of the eyes themselves being the windows of the soul. The dream, of my eyes, were used as my eyes, desmostrated, the very sensitive receptors of the male member. I dreamt the virginal tissue, of a very white translucent very soft tissue. I dreamt the hymen, also, a very white tissue gathering of muscus, the hymen is not shown because of the muscus, I thrust my member, I felt both the very soft muscus tissue, and I felt a slight pressure of a thin but strong intact hymen layer, similar to a plastic covers of soda cups. In my dream, I noticed more of the emotional feeling, of achieving complete fullness of myself because the Biblical verse of man leaving his family to become one flesh, I felt a sense the desire of to become one flesh with Katherina was finally fulfilled with the prophecy of man and woman to become one flesh.