My Dear Katherina Schuttler; God Has Revealed To Me, My Future With You 

God has specially, shown me, my future, here at the transitional housing. The dream, I had of an underground Costco like building, was God’s prophecy. To be among the non mankind inferior degenerate homosexuals, is hell like, „I have surrendered who I am, for who you are.“ I do love you much Katharina, my heart feels severely incomplete without you, as the physical missing of you, is very much as grief from the death of a loved one. In the dream, this transitional housing building, is represented, by, in my dream; my mom’s waiting for me inside the Access bus. I automatically remembered Katherina before, I reached my hand, to opened the locked door. God responded to me, „this proves how much you love your wife.“ In my dream, of, when I remained in the under ground Costco, only by remembering Katherine, I wasn’t aware until now of the lyrics of my automatic response, to remain for Katharina, „I have surrendered myself for who you are!! Nothing makes me stronger than your fragile heart, only your sweetest words remain, if I knew what I was living for all along.“ I thank God for the much blessings of your Katherina’s song to first contact me, I very much thank God, for you Katharina, has followed our Aryan culture of the Aryan Supremacist female, to contact, the male of her desire to marry. I am profoundlly fond to the lyrics of your very romantic song, you have made for me, Katherine!! „If you ask me, I will say yes.“ By God’s Will, I will, ask you Katharina, to be my wife, my own future royal Queen, your loving birth chamber, to which I deeply desire to implant my DNA seed; I do indeed belong to only you Katharina!!! The memory of  your deeply loving song „My Little Heart,“ has brought me deep strength, much loving joy, specifically for you Katharina, but also, our soon/seen to be arrival of our love of each other, among our loving Aryan Supremacists community. I do know you feel grief for me too, Katharina, but my deeply loving Aryan Supremacist wife, remember yourself of God Himself, remember yourself of God’s promise for all of us, please, my dear wife; God is with me, God is counseling me „though I walk through the valley of death/evil, I will have no fear, thy rod and staff, they comfort me!!!“