Very Intentional Assisnation Attempt As Been Planned Against Me

These two days has been very terrible. I now don’t have any advocates, except God. The transition housing building I am in, lies of its function has been manipulated. It was first classified to me, the housing building I am in, is a „shelter.“ Also, a „transitional“ housing. The two main issues are, it was stated by a nurse, the transition housing is a „ward.“ The nurses frequently use mal practice, for my medicines. In the medical profession, it is a practice for nurses et cetera, to be very clear about the medicine one is taking. I have discovered other residents in other shelters gay males, talk and be near me, because of their gay „romantic“ fixation of me. The gay males have manipulated their true nature of talking to me, first to develop a stronger „romantic“ fixation upon me, and for, the reason, the gay males, do prefer, the end of my physical existence.