Today, I Spoke To My Mom’s Cousin Of The Transitional Housing Building At Vancouver, BC

Today, I spoke with my mom’s cousin; reminded of how, my mom would had responded, about learning of my move, into the building. My mom, would had told me, what is important is a bed and a secure residential location. My mom would tell, me of the anti white racist bulilng of some of the staff, to avoid those certain individuals, if I feel overwhelmed by their buliling, to spent, some time, else where. My mom would tell me, to, talk, mostly to the staff, who are more professional in behavior than other staff. My mom, described to me, a similar situation to mine, during while, my mom lived in Goleta, CA; my mom lived at Goleta for several months at a nursing home, my mom told me, the staff, there were useless except for nutrition  (food.) Most of the residents spent time, in a room, without any tv, nor any entertainment. My mom told me, she spent, most of her time, in her room watching tv and watching pedestrian students of the University of California at Santa Barbara. My mom’s only reason to live at that specific nursing home was because of the students and the nursing home, nearness to the ocean. My mom told me, she enjoyed short walks towards the ocean but the ocean was a little to far, for my mom to walked to. I  asked if, she felt horrible, by the boredom; my mom explained to me, she had the basics of what she needed. My mom explained to me, it was very funny to watch out from her window and to watch the students with pajamas walking to school and surfers walking to school. My mom told me, that was her favorite location to live, while, she first arrived in California, during the 1960’s.