The „Carnegie Newsletter“ Vancouver Canada 

The newsletter „Carnegie Newsletter“ at Vancouver, are written by Ku Klax Klan members. The „Carnegie Newsletter,“ is very enjoyable. This recent edition of „Carnegie Newsletter,“ is very funny, especially a story, which is very symbolic of Seattle and San Francisco; in popular media, the „city“ of New York City, is actually, the real stereotype of Seattle, except the violence, but especially the stereotype New York City weather is Seattle’s winter weather. The funny part of the article, is the distriptions, of the mass violence in San Francisco by the non mankind inferior degenerates, especially describing the non mankind inferior degenerates as different time of animals. Also, I have read sad articles, in the newsletter. I have read, descriptions of placing Aryans in both in prisons or hospitals falsely. I had an intense feeling of sadness, when I realized, racial incidents of hate on the Aryans, are similar to the anti white racist experience I suffer. There is a funny phrase written in the „Carnegie Newsletter“ of the Ku Klax Klan usage of Carnegie Center, not the physical location but communication by the „Carnegie Newsletter“ itself.