Wednesday 17 August 2016: My Dream Of The Insane Anti White Racist Judin Female „Psychriatrist “ Was A Prophecy From God, The Events Of That Dream Was Fulfilled Today 

Today, God’s prophecy of an insane anti white racist female Judin „psychriatrist“ was fulfilled today. The „nurse“ the professional title of Michele, did went insane today and illegally practiced a liscened „psychriatrist“ profession, though a „nusre“ isn’t any doctor, liscened „nurse“ can only prescribe medication, of their „client’s“ current medications, or refills. Today the insane anti white racist Judin female Michele did a severe mal practice, by only, pretending to be a liscened psychriatrist . I do know Michele had an insanity episode in which Michele really believed she was a „psychrist.“ I noticed, the Judin hermphrodite female in favor of the Judin hermphrodrite gay whore „men“ bitches, was trying to use the lie of „sensitively“ of a non existed past genocide. I did told the Judin hermphrodite female Michele the truth of history, contrary to Michele’s own reality of a non existed past. I explained to Michele, the reaction from non mankind inferior degenerates of seeing the Swastika and being against the Aryan race is a form of pro genocide against the Aryan race. Michele became more mentality unstable, when I told Michele the reason non mankind inferior degenerates fear the Germans is the non mankind inferior degenerates‘ state of mind of having an inferior complex. Michele asked me non sense questions of „do you want to hurt people for their beliefs?“ I don’t understand Michele’s question because to know the „beliefs“ of others, I would have to know much people, in order to communicate to them and actually knowing their beliefs. I have a photographic memory, so while anyone is talking to me in detail, I memorize specific parts of the conversation, to compare the statements in different situations, in my memory to analyze and to answer, which I have rapid eye movements while analyzing the conversation, to which I didn’t understand the other non sense question from the Judin hermphrodrite female of „what are you looking at?“ Because I wasn’t specifically looking at a specific location in the room, but I was thinking. I asked the insane anti white racist Judin hermphrodrite female Michele „what do you mean?“ I told Michele, „that is how I comprehend detailes, while you are talking.“ I was somewhat surprised to the emotional excitement  at the first words I was communicating to the Judin hermphrodite female Michele, of which I was describing the false imprisonment of my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun at Mexico. The Judin hermphrodrite female Michele smiled at me while, I was describing the move from Germany, around 1947, of my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun to Mexico, but the Judin female hermphrodite didn’t had any emotional response what I told Michele both my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun were arrested in Mexico for being German, which lead to both my mom and maternal Grandmother Eva Braun to be exiled from Mexico and moved to El Paso, TX. I told Michele this of the exile of both my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun from Mexico, because Michele said I  was very „resourceful,“ I told Michele my knowledge of being „resourceful“ was taught to me from my mom and my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun. My mom told me, while I was watching German movie of Germans being in America, of the discrimination German‘ s had in the USA, the movie „Sweetland“ and „Shining Through.“ My mom told me, she doesn’t speak the German language because people will become suspicious of my mom, only because of speaking the German language. My mom explained to me, the unfounded hysteria against the Germans can be very severe, while I watched the movie „Sweetland,“ people become angered simply because one’s surname is a German language surname. People becomes angered at the Germans for simply anything. The movie scene of the German female who first meet a male friend and the door was locked, I asked my mom, why didn’t the female tried to open the door? My mom responded to me, „did you see how, the man who opened the door, become angered at the other man, who tried to open the locked door for the German female? The German female knew the man would become angered at her, if she tried to open the locked door herself.“ I asked my mom, why did the actor locked the door of the train station, while the German female was in the room? My mom responded, perhaps they made arraignment with the train staff, for the German female to wait at the train station for the male, she has spent many days at that train station because, when the German  female first arrived at the train station,  the German female clothing was in good condition and her hair, afterwards; when the male arrived, the female German actress appeared very tired, days worn clothing and her hair has to be washed. The insane anti white racist Judin hermphrodrite Michele said to me „you feel discriminate against?“ I didn’t understood that question because, how can discrimination be feel as a sense? I responded to Michele, „I don’t feel descrimination, it is discrimination.“