Tuesday 16 August 2016: Sandnigger Employee At First United Shelter Had A Nervous Breakdown 

A sandnigger employee at First United Shelter had a psychotic convconversation with me. Instead of answering my legitimate complaint about the Judin hermphrodrite gay whores anti white racist discrimination by Gerry and Loui. The sandnigger omitted the incident of the racial conflict of interest by the Judin hermphrodite gay whores of Gerry and Loui against the Germans. As is typical of the non mankind inferior degenerates, they had placed their hatred on me, but I told the Sandnigger employee, „you are explaining yourself and his organization.“ After, the Sandnigger lied about hatred on my part. The sandnigger had an psychotic ideology of the organization of First United Shelter was racially Aryan, as the Sandnigger explained to me, the First United shelter doesn’t want an image of „pro Nazi“ but that statement was racially full of hate, because Nazism is the Aryan people but specifically Aryan Supremacy. The sandnigger confessed of the organization of First United Shelter is supporting the desire of genocide against the Aryan race. The sandnigger employee had another psychotic episode of International was can’t be practiced at the organization of the First United shelter, was basically the Sandnigger employee stated, the physical location of the First United shelter didn’t exist, because international law states „everywhere,“ plus all „frontiers.“ Because the organization of First United Shelter does support the ideology of genocide against the Aryan race, the employees become angered that I can’t be tried at a legally Nuremberg trials. The sandnigger support his desire of me to be tried similarly to the Nuremberg trials as the same Judin lie was used during the Nuremberg trials of  „innocent“ degenerates, as the Sandnigger confirmed this of I „violated their human rights.“ So, know I am between shelter, it is unlikely, I will stay at Gospel Mission Shelter, I did sense of the employees at Gospel Mission Shelter, the same desire of them, of the same desire of genocide against the Aryan race, I do know the non mankind inferior degenerates employees at Gospel Mission Shelter also, desire I be tried for their non sense of „human rights,“ similar to pro Nuremberg trials against me of the organization of First United Shelter.