Tuesday 16 August 2016: Employee Sarah At First United Shelter Became Disappointed I Stopped The Anti White Racist Herd Mentality Of Human Rights Violations Against The Aryan Race

Because of Sarah’s disappointment of I was the first to complain to the „management“ at First United Shelter, I do know the reareason of why Sarah became disappointed, it has to do with anti white racist illegal manipulation of the swastika. Now I do know, employees at First United Shelter wanted to copy the same illegal human rights violations at Salvation Army Shelter, with the same violations of human rights against the swastika at the Salvation Army Shelter, in order to discharge me from the shelter, again! At the Salvation Army Shelter, employees there did use the employee heirachy to eventual the „managers“ at the Salvation Army Shelter used the same anti white racist lies, to discharge me from First United Shelter. The anti white racist Judin hermphrodrite gay whores, defend their desire of genocide against the Aryan race, by making up false lies about the swastika. I do know how to legally defend myself from the anti white racist lies from the Judin hermphrodrite gay whoring employees at the shelter. The Judin hermphrodrite gay whore purposely avoid the conversation of racial conflict of interest, because they do know the results, is they were direct to me about their anti white racist ideological, the fault would be among them, instead of placing the blame on me. I knew this herd mentality trick of the anti white racist Judin hermphrodrite employee Gerry, I knew his co worker who are non mankind inferior degenerates bunch of gay whores would copy the example of the Judin Gerry. The employees started this anti white racist discrimination against me and my swastika t shirt, as their own version of „revenge“ of the wannabe Nuremberg trials at the Canadian border services, the employees at the First United shelter became very angered at me because I knew the truth of the wannabe Nuremberg trials at the Canadian border services.