Two Days Of God’s Wrath 

Today is the second day of God’s wrath, also two days of shaking here at Vancouver, BC by the global large earthquakes, that was shaking West Virginia at the same time as the shaking here at Vancouver Canada, but some of the earthquake shaking was larger at West Virginia. Yesterday, I saw a live video from West Virginia by For King & Country. During the live video from West Virginia, Joel Smallbone and his brother, were talking about suddenly the van shooked and noice on the roof on the camper, during which Luke Smallbone purposely glanced at the ceiling, with physical indication, to noticed the noice on the campers ceiling. About two seconds later, the shaking was felt here at Vancouver. The shaking is still as airplane like turbulence, the earthquakes at West Virginia are real shaking earthquakes. This morning, for, Vancouver standard of strong crust; Vancouver had large earthquakes. Cable wires were visually bouncing similar to the needle of a Richter scale, the electronical poles were shaking, but the shaking from this morning earthquakes were still as airplane turbulence not real typical earthquake shaking. It is rumored lately on social media, a soon to be big ones are expected on San Andreas northern part in northern California. During those plus 8.0 earthquakes in Northern California, I do know the shaking here at Vancouver Canada, will be moderate because the big ones on southern part of the San Andreas fault was strong enough here to cause very minor damage; broken glass cups.