Sunday 14 August 2016: The Herd Mentality Routine Of Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Employees At Shelters

Now, I have noticed the anti white racist discrimination routine at the shelters in Vancouver, BC. At Cambie Street Shelter, the anti white racism started among the Judin hermphrodite fag whoring male prostitute „clientel.“ At the Salvation army shelters system, the anti white racist discrimination started with the gay whoring among the Judin hermphrodite gay whore male employees. So far, the non mankind inferior degenerates are avoiding anti white racist discrimination conversation about my swastika t shirt, instead, First United Shelter employee, don’t show up for work, as if the employees decided to quit their employee positions at First United Shelter. Today, the First United shelter’s cook wasn’t here, nor yesterday. From the pattern of vanishing shelter employees, the outcome of the anti white racist discrimination at First United Shelter, maybe, some of the truth, of closure of the First United shelter. From this routine at First United Shelter, it may be likely, the conversation of anti white racism discrimination may be omitted from the disclosure of the Shelter’s closure. I heard a conversation from a former resident at First United Shelter, where the employee at the First United shelter transferred him to another nearby shelter. The situation is devolving to a likelihood, I too, may be transferred to another shelter. I only arrived at First United Shelter, in the beginning of August. From my stay at Cambie shelter to the Salvation Army Shelter to, now, the First United shelter; my stays at the shelter are lessening I’m duration in time. In the Cambie shelter, I stayed at there for over 2 months. At the Salvation Army Shelter, I stayed there for less than a few days to complete a total month, now it seems likely, my remaining stay here, at First United Shelter may be shorter than my stay at the Salvation Army Shelter. With the contuation of the anti white racist discrimination at these shelter more of the truth of the anti white racist discrimination motivation by shelter employees was being revealed to me, until, the employees at the Salvation Army Shelter could no longer hide their anti white racist discrimination motivation. Perhaps, this is the employees‘ motivation to omit the anti white racist discrimination, to avoid, the conversation of all the anti white racist discrimination junk, which happened at the Salvation Army Shelter, plus, the government evidence I have of the anti white racist discrimination which happened at San Jose, CA.