Hypocrisy Of Non Mankind Inferior Degenerates For Me To „Trust“ Them, Though Elizabeth Pedersen Is The Prime Example For Why I Shouldn’t Trust Any Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate 

My late mom’s daughter who was the youngest offspring by Elias Lopez now deceased Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen, is the prime example of why I should NOT trust any non mankind inferior degenerate. To the basic Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen has a fucked up life, to where Lopez Pedersen placed her guilty of her fucked life on my mom and me, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen guilty was placed on us because of my mom and myself being pure Germans, to which Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen shouldn’t had believed my mom and I were her enemies. Elizabeth Pedersen fucked life started by the abuse of Lopez Pedersen father of Elias Lopez. Elizabeth Pedersen had psychotic grand perfection father love of Elias Lopez, as if Elias Lopez authentically loved Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen has his daughter. Elias Lopez never loved his daughters nor Elias Lopez daughters offspring. For Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen psychotic lack of self esteem, when Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen studied at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen become a Mestizin whore to a Judin man named Todd. My mom knew Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen would fucked  her life at Santa Barbara, for the reason my mom desired for Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen to attend the Universities in the San Francisco bay area, Santa Cruz or Sacramento. Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen used illegal drugs at Santa Barbara and I heard from Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen, she almost committed suicide at the beach (thought, not physically action.) During Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen residents at southern California, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen adopted the whoring wannabe „rich“ people lifestyle of southern California and Stanford University. From what I noticed at San Diego, the tourists there were the typical snobby Judin hermphrodite gay whoring „rich“ people. Mission Beach was much better because the majority of visitors were Marines from Camp Pendleton, near San Diego. During Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen employment at Benham group in Mountain View, CA; Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen was in two relationship, almost to become married to a Sandnigger Adeeb. My mom hated Adeeb only because Adeeb was a Sandnigger. My mom described to me the lesbians relationships, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen but when I asked my mom, if Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen had female lovers, my mom would lie about Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen. My mom told me Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen did military like business conferences at the locations throughout the USA for the Benham group. Benham group was a legal stock market business. Once Elizabeth Lopez  Pedersen called my mom from Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen location of her lesbian affair and Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen female lover spoke to Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen at the same time, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen spoke to my mom and I was in the same room with my mom. Elizabeth Pedersen female lover told Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen nobody can know what they are doing there, my mom become very angered at Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen, and my mom responded to the Mestizin whore bitch Lopez Pedersen „what the HELL are You doing there, that nobody doesn’t suppose to know!? Are you into drug selling?“ My mom was very angered at Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen and Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen didn’t answered my mom because my mom was very insisting for other questions. My mom told me after the phone call, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen was very worried about something she couldn’t tell my mom. My mom explained to me Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen was into sex drug trafficking. Later on, my mom explained to me, the phone call was a misunderstanding. My mom even dated a nigger female at Benham group for New Years eve. My mom wanted me to know the truth of Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen affair with the nigger female co worker. My mom didn’t talk about race, only when something was bothering my mom. My mom purpose told me of Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen female co worker friend of „the niggress,“ and the „niggress“ young „nigret“ son. My mom described the nigger family as a worthless vain family, which in fact, my mom was discouraging me, but I didn’t care because even at that time, I hated the niggers. I asked my mom, if Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen was dating the niggress co worker, because I explained to my mom, the evening of New Years are for couples. My mom lied and told me, the niggress isn’t a lesbian because she has a son, plus a lie about a Benham Group New Years employees‘ party at San Jose Fairmont Hotel, but I asked my mom for the reason of a party at Fairmount hotel since San Jose is far from Mountain View, considering New Years traffic. My mom explained to me, it was a special occasion and I asked my mom about Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen being trapped in traffic and not being able to return to Sunnyvale until after midnight. My mom explained to me, that was the reason the nigger boy was staying with us; because the niggress trusted us for the possibility of  her nigger son of an over night stay with my mom and me. Adeeb knew of Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen lesbian affairs and Adeeb ended the relationship with Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen. Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen was suicidal and was admitted to an hospital. Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen lied to my mom and told my mom; the doctors thought Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen had minigitis and was placed in isolation, later Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen lied again to my mom and Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen told my mom, the doctors were only being very cautious about the possibility that Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen has minigitis. My mom became very upset with Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen and my mom explained to Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen, doctors only place people in quorotin when a person is severely sick not for being cautious, in addition my mom explained to Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen, when one is placed in quorotin, the doctors themselves has a slight risk of having very contagious germs on themselves and my mom explained to Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen the cautious junk was „mal practice.“ Sometime later, my mom knew about everything about Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen, except I was in my room and Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen started to yell at my mom. Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen did in fact blamed my mom on Elizabeth Pedersen fucked life and I did heard Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen told my mom, Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen has to have therapy for my mom, even though the fucked up life to which my mom yelled at Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen „don’t blaim me for your whoring! I told you to never study at Santa Barbara!“ Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen has an other nervous breakdown and was yellingnon sense of Sylvia Lopez, which had nothing to do with Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen sexual drug trafficking , then Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen left our apartment and slammed the front door. As if those years, I knew Elizabeth Lopez Pedersen wasn’t a lesson for me not to trust non mankind inferior degenerates. If this sex drug using junk happened to my mom’s late daughters and my mom’s late daughters‘ descendants, for which legitimate reason should I trust any non mankind inferior degenerate!!!???