Vancouver, BC; Motivated By Anti White Racist Harassment, Herd Mentality Question Asked To Me Of „Sprachen Sie Die Deutsch?“

Here at the First United shelter, I have been asked, on two separate occasions the question of „Sprachen Sie Die Deutsch?“ The first individual, who asked me that question here, was a Mulattin sandnigger employee, at first, I thought the Mulattin sandnigger employee, was being friendly, until, for some unknown reason, the Mulattin sandnigger employee become very frustrated about my response. In the German language as any Aryan language, a phrase of describing one’s knowledge isn’t required, if asked, if whether one knows the language. The proper response is only yes or in the German language „ja.“ Today, a Judin hermphrodite gay whore, primitive behavior from the Judin hermphrodite male gay whore, believed it was necessary for him to copy, the anti white racist motivated harassment of the purpose of the question asked to me „Sprachen sie die Deutsch?“ Again, as similarly with the Mulattin Sandnigger employee, the Judin hermphrodite gay whore, became noticeable angered of the German language response of „ja.“ For them to become angered is evidence of their anti white racism, Germanophobia, why should one become angered simply for the spoken language of the German language.