Friday 12 August 2016: Day At Deep Cove, BC

Surprisingly, I had a good day, yesterday. The First United Shelter had a day outing, yesterday. In Seattle, WA; my mom very much disliked the metro and sound transits bus driver. My mom told me, we have to make a plan, in case, the bus driver, refused us to enter the bus. My mom told me, it would be better if we carried at least  $20 with us, for payment of a taxi ride, and a sweater, just in case, we arrived in the late evening at our apartment. Since, lately, the non mankind inferior degenerates has a collective primitive herd mentality, of paranoid Germanophobia against my swastika t shirt, I expected, some sort of primitive herd mentality of the non mankind inferior degenerates; anti white racist discrimination paranoid Germanophobia against my swastika t shirt. I even made plans, in case, I became stranded at Deep Cove. I learned, yesterday, bus 212, is a bus that travels between downtown Vancouver and Deep Cove. Yesterday bus 212, was my back up plan. The weather was very warm, yesterday; especially, during the morning walk, up to a peak on a nearby mountain. A Judin hermphrodite man fag whore, had multiple personalities disorder; from the meaning of the Judin hermphrodrite gay whore, statement, it was described, as if the Judin hermphrodite gay whore, had a personality of being in a room, with pillow padding walls, with only one door. The Judin hermphrodrite gay whore’s statement was, „what is the purpose of isolation?“ It was rumored of the Judin hermphrodrite gay whore, the Judin hermphrodite man gay whore, went insane because of the exhausting walk, through the mountains, also, perhaps the Judin hermphrodite man gay whore, other personality really believed, the forrested mountains was similar to a small room with padding pillows walls. Before, the Judin hermphrodite man went insane, some Judin hermphrodrite gay whore pimp, said a sarcastic paranoid Germanophobic statement; in addition of the other Judin hermphrodite gay whore’s reality of being in a protected room, the Judin hermphrodite gay whore, desired to be the gay whoring john of the Judin hermphrodrite gay whore pimp. Some of the walkers, from the First United shelter had episode of multiple personalities disorder, Sarah and a resident of the First United shelter. The resident, a Judin hermphrodite gay whore, had episodes of his personalities of living in many locations in Europe, being rich. Sarah had personalities of living at locations in Europe and Africa. In reality, one must be very rich to move to other nations plus in very good regard in one’s professional position, at least of a position of a business general manager. The water temperature at Indian’s Arm  was warmer than the ocean at Vancouver, BC, but the water at Deep Cove was still a little cold. The walk to the peak of the mountain to the park, was over 2 hours round trip. That 2 hours hike in the mountains, I was more physically tired, than the more than 20 miles walk, I walked on Canada Day of 1 July 2016. The location of Deep Cove & North Vancouver, was similar to Seattle’s east side.