Wednesday 10 August 2016: Appointment At First United Shelter 

This morning, I saw a medical employee from Vancouver Coastal Health. Michele is a nurse, the previous nurse, I saw at Vancouver Coastal Health was Susan, at the Anchor shelter. Michele was a little more discriptive of the facilities of, the Vancouver Coastal Health clinic. Michele had multiple personalities disorder. Michele other personality was born in the USA, Michele born USA personality felt uncomfortable in living in Canada, Michele personality believed modern day Texas is now during the 1800’s with Michele reference to „cowboys.“ Michele personality believed all of Canada is only the Vancouver district, nothing else, other than Vancouver, isn’t officially Canada, according to Michele’s other personality. I least, I didn’t have to listen to Lynn’s multiple personalities disorder nor Lynn’s paranoid schezophenia. Michele did had a moment of paranoid schezophenia, after I discussed my ethnicity of German and my birthplace in the United Kingdom; Michele’s paranoid schezophenic question to me was „what are you working on?“ I explained to Michele,  my financial situation but Michele replied to me, as if Michele expected another reply. Perhaps, Michele’s personality was asking a different meaning of the question „what are you working on?“