Tuesday 9 August 2016: First United Mulattin Employee With Multiple Personalities Disorder 

The First United shelter had a different employee „greeter,“ yesterday, a Mulattin female employee, who had multiple personalities disorder. Similar, to the movie „Sybil,“ the female Mulattin, spoke to her other personality. The female Mulattin multiple personality disorder was emotionally triggered, by the Mulattins Germanophobia, anti white racism. During the female Mulattins multiple personalities disorders episode, the female Mulattin employee, asked herself, but spoke to me, again, similar to the movie „Sybil.“ The female employee Mulattins other personality was „Spanish.“ Today, Wednesday 10 August 2016; I have an appointment with Lynn, I do expect Lynn, to have more psychotic episodes today, Lynn’s pominmant psychological disorder is paranoid schezophenia, but recently, Lynn has developed multiple personalities disorder; of Canadian agents who approves „work permits.“ Another individual I saw at DCHS at Powell, Karli does have both multiple personalities disorder and paranoid schezophenia. Karli multiple personalities disorder, is personality of a worker of Ministry of Welfare. Karli’s other personality is that of an agent, who works at the Canadian border services. Many times, Karli is not in touch with reality because of Karli’s anti white racism, the end result of Karli’s anti white racism, is paranoid schezophenia, Karli’s state of mind, while Karli talks, Karli sounds mentality unsound.