Summer Of 2016 At The Pacific Northwest 

This month of August is the last, complete full month of the summer season. This summer was really comfortable, with the majority of the summer season, so far through now, August; there hasn’t been record breaking hear, a good summer of rain too. What is different from the weather of the summer of 2016, is the weather pattern has been very consistent. Parts of each summer months has many days of measurable precipitation but also a week in each summer month, when the maximum temperatures are a little above average but the humidity is different this year. This summer during the week of sunshine and warmth, it has been very humid, dew point temperatures in the upper 50’s or lower 60’s which does feel like record heat: 80’s heat indices. In a typical Pacific Northwest summer, most warm spells has low humidity, with northwest sea breeze. This summer, there has been a southwestly storm tract direction. Southwest storm tract is typical for an El Nino event in California. I checked the National Weather Service for California, I don’t believe the National Weather Service observations for California. Why is it, the entire American nation has high humidity with record breaking temperatures, for literally, not even California is having record heat in all the 50 territories. It is obvious, Alaska has to cool down because of lack of solar radiation, because the changing of the seasons. California’s location on earth, makes it possible, at any moment during the year, to have real heat breaking hear. So perhaps, with this summer record hear and humidity, coastal California may likely be enduring, the typical southeast American heat and humidity.